Civil Netizen

Civil Netizen Beta 8

Share large files securely and with ease

A personal file transfer program for your digital parcels. Civil Netizen works by directly connecting you to your recipients. In order to efficiently and securely do this, it is necessary for both parties to have Civil Netizen running. Our software is of course, always free (as in free beer) and free of ads or spyware.

As a piece of desktop software, Civil Netizen overcomes some common limitations of web-based file transfer services, such as the difficulty of sending entire folders. As a bonus, it provides you with total privacy. One of the benefits of a desktop application over a hosted service is that your private data is never visible by any third-party.

Simple drag-and-drop file sharing

Turns large files or even entire folders into a few lines of plain text that you can send via e-mail or IM.

Comes with all the necessary tools

No more need for FTP clients, zip or sit utilities, encryption programs, and download managers.

Keeps your files 100% private

All file transfer traffic is secured end-to-end between senders and recipients using 128-bit AES encryption.

Civil Netizen


Civil Netizen Beta 8